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The river

The river process purpose is to humidify the salted skin and to eliminate the preservatives, the hairs, and the remains of flesh and fat.
Since the Middle ages and until the XVIe s., in Belgium, human being are perfecting the tanning process. The art of the tanner was a legacy that is enhanced from father to son.

​​​​​​​Since 19th Century, RADERMECKER® is a story of craftmen. From André RADERMECKER SEPULCHRE (1870-1915), founder of the company to his great grandson André RADERMECKER (1985-2016), the passion of the leather work is part of the heritage of Belgium.


the tanning

The tanning process turns the skin into leather by mineral and vegetable agents solutions

In the XVIIIe century, belgiums tanneries are famous in the whole Europe. Carried by the impetus of Léopold 1st, King of the Belgians, who wanted to industrialize and modernize Belgium from 1830.

​​​​​​​RADERMECKER® company was born in this context in 1870, being part of the industrial development of of the XIXe century. RADERMECKER® focused on leather belt for the need of local machineries from Bull and heaby beef skins.​​​​​​​


the shaping 

Shaping the leather makes it a semi finished leather by slitting, cluthing, spinning and drying.

​​​​​​​From the XIXe to the XXe century, RADERMECKER® company gains in reputation in Belgium, in Europe, and in USA, where the know how of the company is rewarded during the universal exposition of Belgium (1180, 1885, 1905, 1910). 
Following the two worldwide conflicts, the company diversifies its products to new fields (furnishings, equitation, decoration, leather goods) to adapt to a challenging new world.​​​​​​​



The finish the step where the leather acquires specific properties: the satin finish, for example makes the product’s surface smooth.

Today, the leather is a standard product. At this point, we lose any mark of expertise or quality. The customer doesn’t know the story of the product he is owning.

Since 2016, the company has been taken over and rebirth its future. Innovation is accelerating to reinforce our core vegetable tanning leather with exclusive nourrishments and finishs. The professional bags range is getting a strong footprint on partner looking for Robustness, natural and authenticity.